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Judges 11-21 — Life Without God

Price: $8.95
Item Number: Ju2--NK-SS

As a sequel to the Judges 1–10 study, part two describes the bitter fruits of life without God. This portion of God’s Word is the most graphic presentation of man’s depravity recorded in the Bible. But, God never completely abandons His people, even when they reject Him. These life-changing lessons will force you to examine your walk with God and your attitude toward sin. You’ll examine the great destruction caused by spiritual double-mindedness — and how to escape it.

Lesson titles include:

  • Pride and Prejudice
  • The Double-Minded Deliverer
  • The Fruit of Self-Deception
  • The Depth of Depravity
  • Right in Their Own Eyes

NKJV #Ju2-NK-SS (5 or 10 lessons)

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