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Judges 1-10 — Life Without God

Price: $8.95
Item Number: Ju1-NK-SS

Judges investigates the terrible price man pays — both individually and nationally — when he rejects God’s authority. Judges describes Israel’s “Dark Ages,” a period of Jewish history when spiritual darkness threatened the nation and entrapped those who turned away from God. You’ll learn the high cost of compromise, how to determine God’s will for your life, and why true godliness is essential to every believer.

Lesson titles include:

  • Consequences of Compromise
  • God’s Warriors and Weapons
  • Faithful Women and Fearful Men
  • How to Know God's Will
  • The Sword of The Lord
  • The Bramble King

NKJV #Ju1-NK-SS (6 or 12 lessons)

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