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Joshua 1-9 — God's Plan For Spiritual Victory

Price: $8.95
Item Number: Jos1-NK-SS

Travel with Joshua as he triumphantly leads Israel into the Promised Land — fulfilling the promise God made four hundred years earlier. This study teaches how to live by faith during times of intense spiritual conflict. You’ll learn how to live victoriously in times of spiritual warfare, how to worship during times of severe testing, and how to live by faith in the presence of your enemies. But be warned: in life you will face two formidable spiritual enemies that can threaten every Christian’s plan for spiritual victory.

Lesson titles include:

  • God Prepares His Leader
  • How to Prepare for Victory
  • The Importance of Faith
  • Whose Battle Is It Really?
  • Handling Spiritual Defeat /div>
  • The Enemy’s Secret Weapon

NKJV #Jos1-NK-SS (6 or 12 lessons)

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