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Complete Set — New Testament (18 Studies)

Price: $140.00
Item Number: NT-NK-CS
Order all eleven Lamplighters New Testament Self-Study Edition books. You will receive hundreds of insightful questions and answers. If you are a pastor, teacher, or home schooling family, this is a great resource.
The New Testament Complete Set includes:
Acts 1-12 — The Church is Born
Acts 13-28 — The Church Expands
Romans 1-6 — The Righteousness of God
Romans 7-16 — The Righteousness of God
Galatians — The Gospel of Grace
Ephesians — God's Master Plan
Philippians — The Mind of Christ
Colossians — Complete in Christ
1&2 Thessalonians — Excel In Christ
1 Timothy — God's Plan For the Church
2 Timothy — The True Servant of God
Titus/Philemon — The Pursuit of Godliness
James — Faith That Works
John 1-11 — The Son of God
John 12-21 — The Son of God
Hebrews — The Superiority of Christ
1 Peter — Faith Under Fire
2 Peter/Jude — Behold the King!

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