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Proverbs 1-9 — Wise Up & Live

Price: $8.95
Item Number: Pr1-NK-SS

One of Lamplighters’ most popular studies and one of the Bible’s most popular books, Proverbs instructs us to choose the path of wisdom and to avoid the enticement of sin and folly. The first nine chapters introduce two sets of contrasting characters — Lady Wisdom and the immoral woman, the wise son and a group of fools — setting in antithesis the path to destruction and the path to wise, abundant living. Learn why it’s possible to be a Christian and still be foolish and why some unsaved people make wise decisions. This study is a wake-up call to believers of all ages to move beyond conversion to true Christ-likeness.

Lesson titles include:

  • The Beginning of Wisdom
  • Why Study the Bible
  • The Principal Thing
  • How to Avoid Entrapment
  • The Excellence of Wisdom

NKJV #Pr1-NK-SS (5 or 10 lessons)

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